The gelato

Ingredients, techniques, and balance

Friday, January 20, 2017 — The gelato of Cremeria Capolinea is handmade and customized. Instead of using the classic three pre-prepared bases (egg cream, chocolate and cream), every gelato recipe is specialized, according to the needs of the ingredients involved.

Our method is based on the choice of a specific ingredient. It is not only faster, but allows us to produce small quantities of gelato, personalizing our recipes, as needed. After the ingredient combinations and quantities are identified and weighed, they are blended, pasteurized and frozen. At that point, the frozen mass has a temperature of -8°C. It is then rapidly cooled with a blast chiller to -13°C in order to preserve the aromas and proper texture. About three hours later, the aromas have stabilized and the flavors are set.

The ingredients
To make gelato, you need sugar, fat (usually in the form of milk and cream) and the fresh ingredients that will give flavors their personality.

- Sugar
The basic ingredient of every gelato is sugar, which is essential as it decreases the freezing point and guarantees proper creaminess. Creameria Capolinea uses raw cane sugar in all its recipes because we prefer unrefined products.

- Fat
In addition to cream, Cremeria Capolinea uses raw milk (the pasteurization of the milk happens right before the start of the production cycle) sourced from Podere Giardino, a small farm on the outskirts of Reggio Emilia. The raw milk creates a fuller and creamier gelato with great texture and a richness of flavor.

- Dried fruit pastes
Pistachios and hazelnuts are purchased directly from the producer, after which they are roasted and transformed into paste in the laboratory.

- Fresh ingredients
All the gelato flavors are made with carefully selected ingredients, which are sourced locally whenever possible. We prefer direct relationships with producers, as is the case with seasonal fruit, which we purchase from farms located in the region of Reggio Emilia or from local companies that guarantee natural, flavorful and fresh products. All the dairy-based gelato is made with fresh raw milk from Roncadelle, fresh cream from Alto Adige and free-range eggs from the Reggio Emilia Apennines.

- Natural flavoring
Only natural flavors are allowed, such as vanilla beans, lemon or bergamot peels, cinnamon and spices.

- Stabilizers
To increase the viscosity of the mixture, Cremeria Capolinea uses guar gum and carob flour.

The gelato of Cremeria Capolinea is NOT made with:
- Emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sucrose esters, polysorbates)
- Synthetic flavoring
- Semi-finished products
- Hydrogenated and refined vegetable fats 

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