Simone De Feo

From computer scientist to Gelato Master

Saturday, January 21, 2017 — Music, beer, tattoos but, above all, gelato. 

These are the main interests of Simone De Feo, who joined the world of gelato after deciding that he wanted more passion in his life and in his work.

“As a true gelato lover, I had to understand the real difference between a good gelato and a bad one. I realized that the only way to do that was by entering the production lab.”

Therefore, he transitioned from a career as a computer scientist to one of a gelato master. In 2010, he and his partner Monica Fantuzzi decided to take over the historical local gelato parlor Il Capolinea and transformed it into Cremeria Capolinea.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Simone joined numerous courses and ultimately decided to produce natural gelato made with carefully selected ingredients that are sourced locally when possible. This decision is part of his preference for short food supply chains and artisan processes, but he does not turn his back on technology and innovation.

After opening the gelato parlor, Simone experimented for two years with recipes and production methods. He produced, tasted and adjusted—tweaking recipes and creating gelatos that have the same ingredients but are always different in flavor. He called into question everything that he learned and, until today, continues to redefine his recipes in search of his own way. Simone studies great masters such as Gian Francesco Cutelli of gelato parlor De’ Coltelli in Pisa, Andrea Soban, Alberto Marchetti or Paolo Brunelli. He listens, learns—and experiments. “Making gelato is a conceptual work,” he says. “You need to bring in culture, sensitivity and knowledge. To make gelato is a little bit like composing music; it’s not enough to know how to play the instrument in order to become a musician.” 

Collaborations and participation in national events

Simone De Feo collaborates with important companies in the world of gelato and pastry, and participates in national events including the Sherbet Festival in Palermo, the Festival del Gelato in Agugliano (Arezzo) and Salone del Gusto in Turin. He was also involved in the Via del Gelato, a project organized by the Compagnia dei Gelatieri founded by gelato masters Marchetti, Soban and Brunelli. Simone’s work helped him earning the top ranking in the 2016 Dissapore list of best Italian gelato parlors.


In addition to making gelato, Simone De Feo also works as a consultant for companies and individuals. His workshops are designed to educate gelato professionals who want to open their own shops or develop new formats. His classes cover the world of gelato: management techniques, equipment, ingredients including sugars and the bases, the balance of flavors and various production techniques. 

Simone De Feo
Simone De Feo