Cremeria Capolinea

Carefully selected ingredients and artisan processes

Friday, January 20, 2017 — Thanks to the work and determination of Simone De Feo and his partner Monica Fantuzzi, the production of Cremeria Capolinea is deeply focused on artisan processes that involve carefully selected ingredients and production techniques that do not use any semi-finished products, synthetic aromas, emulsifiers and refined or hydrogenated vegetable fats.

The gelato parlor offers about 24 flavors, including classic selections such as crema, chocolate and gianduja, but also creative specialties developed through the experiments of Gelato Master Simone De Feo. The “essentials”, inspired by the tradition of the Zoldo Valley, deserve special attention. They are made according to very simple recipes that use only a few ingredients. There are typically four ingredients in “essentials”—milk, egg yolks, cane sugar and the characterizing ingredient with no additional stabilizer. This type of gelato, made with the same criteria used a hundred years ago and with the right knowledge of the dynamics of balance, has amazing organoleptic characteristics and a significant shelf life. The flavors are elevated by the egg yolks; despite the minimal recipe, the gelato remains incredibly creamy for a long time.

Throughout the year, Cremeria Capolinea serves a numer of fruit-based gelato. Their flavors change with the seasons depending on the availability of ingredients: cherry and strawberry flavors in spring, melon and peach in summer, apple and fig in autumn, mandarin and orange in winter. The gelato parlor also offers various water-based flavors (made with water instead of milk), a vegan gelato (free of any animal-derived ingredients), semifreddi (typical Italian semi-frozen desserts), Sicilian granita, sweet spreads and gourmet gelato usually made with seasonal vegetables and cheese.

There is also an exceptional variety of gelato-filled brioche, plum cakes and panettone. All leavened desserts are made with sourdough. 

Cremeria Capolinea, Simone De Feo
Cremeria Capolinea, il cono
Cremeria Capolinea, il cono
Cremeria Capolinea, la coppetta